It’s been over a week since I’ve posted. I promised myself when I made this blog that I would post at least once a week but I’m already failing at that. So many things run through my mind on a daily basis that it’s often hard to sit down and write it all out. But one thing continues to come running back to me, Ferguson. 

Why should I care you ask? It’s a black problem, right? The cop is a cop for a reason, he was obviously in the right. WRONG. When it boils down it to me it is simply an injustice to the family of Michael Brown and an injustice to him. Police are not perfect. They are humans just like we are and there for they make mistakes, they can let their personal opinion affect their work just like everyone else. 

Racism is another issue. As much as we try to kid ourselves it still exist today and in many different forms. People’s reactions to the protest and the fact that a good majority of the protesters are African American should be proof enough. People’s reactions to the idea that a young man shoplifted and therefor deserved to be shot in the head twice is proof enough.

And then we boil down to how the police and officials are handling the peaceful protesters. Throwing tea gas in the face of children, peaceful adults who are in there right to protest, and journalist who were sent their to do there job is beyond comprehending to me. Anyone who needs proof can easily look up pictures and videos of such horrible acts.

But that’s the problem, people don’t. They choose to believe what they read and see on the news instead of doing research. They let preconceived opinions that are racist whether they realize it or not decide their opinions. But I’m calling for people to look past their close mindedness and see what is only obvious to me.




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This is my blog, a place where I can share my writing and journey through recovery, mental illness, and life.
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