Girl Rising Review

The documentary Girl Rising is as a powerful documentary presented by 10×10 Documentary Group. The film focuses on the stories of amazing young woman who are leading an extraordinary movement to give all girls in the world an education. Each girl is paired with a writer from her country to help tell her story. The feature begins with telling the story that has been heard around the world. The story of Malala Yousafzai a Pakistan girl who six months ago was shot in the head by a member of the Taliban for speaking out about girls having a right to an education. The plan was to silence but instead sparked a worldwide movement. Malala has been nominated for a noble peace prize and was named as one of Time Magazine’s “The 100 most influential people” and since has returned to school


Seven other girls also share their stories, Wadley an eight year old from Haiti who dreams of the wildflowers that bloom without rain that makes “the impossible seem possible.” After the 2010 earthquake cannot afford to return to school but continues to attend every day until the teacher permits her to stay and accepts her as a student

Suma a young women from Nepal who to “write songs to remind her that her memories are real.” At age six she was bonded into servitude a form of slavery that was outlawed in 2010 but still continues to this day. When Suma is sent to her third master she meets school teachers who convince her master to let her attend a night class. A certain teacher goes to Suma’s master and mistress’s home and demands that Suma be set free. The woman returns to the Master’s house every day until Suma is free.

Yasmin, a 12 year old from Egypt is a superhero. Promised to be brought to the roundabout by a man where she can by juice Yasmin is lured by a sexual predator who tells her that there is juice at his house. The juice he gives her is sour and he takes her to a dark place where she is rape. She fights back with her knife and escapes telling the police later, “he was strong but I was stronger.” Instead of keeping quiet her mother and she went to the police and report the incident something thousands of women don’t have the courage to do. Yasmin truly is a superhero.

Azmera is a teenager from Ethiopia. Her feet grounded in Ethiopian soil, her name means harvest. Once she had a father and an older sister but now just a mother and a protective older brother. The elders warn her mother that if she does not marry Azmera off young she will die also. It is said that if a girl marries too young she is in danger of being split. 13 is a safe age, Azmera’s age. A stranger came to her mother and asked for her hand in marriage while her brother was working in the fields. When he arrived home and saw the older man he told him no, he would sell everything he owned to keep his sister in school.

Senna a poet from Peru is 14 and named after a warrior Xena. Her father said that she would be a fearless defender of the poor. His first gift to her was her name, the second her brave heart. Her father was a miner for 35 years he said there was no hope for him but there was for her and that is why she had to go to school and earn an education so that she could become an engineer. She struggled in school until she found poetry. Now she will be both an engineer like her father wanted and a poet.

Mariama a 16 year old girl with a normal life, she brushes her teeth, listens to music, and texts friends. Mariama’s country is poor and still recovering from a civil war but that doesn’t stop her. She her favorite school subject is science because she loves solving problems, she wants to be the first African in space. Her first real job was as a host for a popular radio show. While her father objected at first he now agrees that what she is working towards is good and one day Mariama says that you will see on TV, helping people all over the world.

Amina is 11 years old and resides in Afghanistan. She was born into dark times, forced to wear all blues, is masked and muted and in danger of being killed for speaking out, for wanting change. When she was born her mother sobbed, no one recorded her birth for girls are not worth the trouble. Her happiest times were the few years she was in school. Married in exchange for money for a used car for her older brother she gives birth to a son. She is one of the lucky ones for more women die during child birth in Afghanistan than anywhere else. Amina is determined to make change to return to school.

The film ends with Amina daring the viewers to try and stop her. Stating that if we put her in a pit she will climb out, if we kill her more girls will rise in her place. All the girls in this documentary are leading the change that is so desperately needed in this world.

I give this movie the highest rating. It not only informs people of a heartbreaking problem going on in the world today but also shares the amazing, courageous stories of 8 amazing girls.

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