I told myself I wasn’t going to do this

But it can’t be helped. I’m disappointed but more of the fact I’m angry. I’m angry that the justice system in America has let the family of Michael Brown down. Along with thousands of other people. Because let’s face the truth, racism still exist and it is very obvious that it is still very active in America today. But that’s a privileged of mine. To be angry instead of scared for my life.

What do we know? We know what 20 plus witness say, all with the same story and we have 2 autopsy reports, both conflicting with one another. The witness part is what gets me. Why would over 20 people lie about events that happened right in front of them? Let’s not pretend that this is the first and only time that a black man has been gunned down because it’s not.

I’m not say every cop is bad. I have been taught to always trust the police especially when in trouble and I do but we  have to remember that they are still human and can like everyone else be influenced by stereotypes. They take an oath to protect civilians not gun them down.

And now while I lie in my warm, safe bed and watch the riots and protest happening across the country on the news I wonder what the world is coming to. We all knew the jury’s decision the moment the national guard was called in but still I held onto hope.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m doing nothing. Nothing to contribute to the cause. All I can do is post angrily on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and this blog and pray. So I guess that’s what I’ll do because it’s better than nothing.

I’ll pray for Michael Brown and his family but also Darren Wilson and his. I will pray for peace and compassion from all sides. But most of all I will pray for change. I know racism sadly will not disappear until the second coming of Jesus but until then we can try our damnist to make it happen.

So next time you see a racist or hateful act call the person out but not in anger, in kindness. The world has enough hate so why help spread it? What we need to do right now is follow the example set my Martin Luther King Jr. and Christ because they believed in peace, change, and prayer.

So please if you can, pray for everyone involved in this horrible situation.




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