Christmas will be different this year

It will be quieter. Between the lack of money and my mother having back fusion surgery only a week and a half ago thing are very different this year. There are no presents under the tree. In fact the only sign of Christmas is the decoration we put up in a haste and our Christmas tree which was only decorated for a week ago after sitting in the living room for two. Yes, things do not seem the same at all. But maybe that’s a good thing.

Normally for me Christmas is about showering my loved ones with gifts but this year I have no job and therefor no money to do so which breaks my heart. If my extended family had it their way there would be no Christmas because whats the point if there is no money for presents? At least that’s the impression I get from them.

Which makes me even sadder because it seems that not only my family but the world as a whole has forgotten the purpose of Christmas which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. But with our materialistic ways it seems we have forgotten this very important factor. the only factor that truly matters.

I’m not saying it isn’t unfortunate that I will not have a present to open this year because who doesn’t like receiving gifts? But I have to continue to remind myself that, that is not the point of Christmas. The point is Christ.




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