Will I Be Remembered?

As I sit in my room this morning with a scratchy voice, hacking up a lung, and freshly diagnosed with Bronchitis I can’t help pondering over the my grandmother’s death who’s second year anniversary is coming up on February 27th. My grandma was not famous. She did not have her name stretched across magazine covers or was talked about on talks shows, although she should have been with the strength and determination that she had shown throughout her life time from her job as a nurse to her job as a mother.

The truth is many of us will end up like my grandma. Remembered and cherished only by our loved ones and forgotten by everyone else in the world. Everyone dreams of making a difference for the better good, at least that’s what I like to think. But in reality those positive changes we contribute to the world are likely very small. A simple smile directed to a stranger, a hug given to a friend in despair.

Not to say we should stop doing these positive changes in the world. For I believe that it is the little good deeds that mean the most. Is it a secret that I hope to be a public speaker and share my story to a wide scale audience? To make a big change in the world? No. However, none of that truly matters. What matters is the little things.

So when you pass someone in the street try to smile because that may be the only act of kindness they receive all day. It’s times like these that we should remember Christ and how He walked on this earth. Yes, He did incredible miracles but when done so He often told the person go and tell no one. He was in no way doing it to bring glory to himself but to God and it was the little things like accepting all people even those who were labeled as “trash” such a prostitutes, tax collectors, fishermen, and other outsiders.

Most people reading this blog post will not become wildly famous to others here in our world but everyday we have the opportunity to make God famous and that should be our real goal. To spread His love and acceptance everywhere. Especially in a world that desperately needs it.

The hate crimes against gays in Russia, the massacres in Boko Haram, and the continuous trafficking of young children and women in the sex industry is just a few reasons that God’s love and acceptance is needed in the world and it can start right now with you and me.




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This is my blog, a place where I can share my writing and journey through recovery, mental illness, and life.
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  1. marilynmunrow says:

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    I totally agree, a smile costs us nothing, but could mean the world to another human being, who feels so low.


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