I Am Not Crazy

There has been some talk online recently about me and my bipolar diagnoses. Many have tried to convince me that I have borderline personality disorder because I’m manipulative, don’t take responsibility and all these other horrible things. Which doesn’t bother me because I know who I am. I know my flaws better than anyone else besides God. I know my beliefs and morals and what I stand for. What no one says or does will change that.

What bothers me however, is how people are trying to insult me by saying I have borderline personality disorder. That borderline personality disorder is viewed as such a horrible mental illness with such nasty characteristics that it must be an insult. That I must take the offense when told that I must have this personality disorder because it is clearly worse that bipolar disorder.

I believe that all mental illnesses have the ability to change people. I know that I was very angry and hard to live with when I was not yet diagnosed with bipolar disorder or on stable medication and receiving therapy. And the same goes with my eating disorder. I was a very selfish, unhappy person before treatment.

It’s so easy to lose yourself to your mental illness but also fall for the stereotypes that people like to attach to them, particularly the term crazy. But I am not crazy.

Whether you wish to believe my diagnoses or continue to assess what I choose to display online and diagnose me with that, I cannot control. However, if you must take only one thing from this blog post let it be this: no mental illness is worse than another. All have the ability to destroy lives, to change people. And those with a mental illness are not crazy just fighting a different battle then those without one.

Feel free to diagnose me with what you wish. I know that no matter what I say you will not believe me but at least believe this; there is no mental illness worse off than another. Mental illness does not mean crazy.

I am not crazy but I am bipolar and that’s okay.




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This is my blog, a place where I can share my writing and journey through recovery, mental illness, and life.
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