I Gave My Coat To A Homeless Man

I write this not because I want to be applauded but because the moment he took it from my hands I regretted not doing more. As I drove by him I paused my car and handed him my jacket. It was raining, not surprising for Washington weather but it was also cold and he took it gratefully. It fit him well as I hoped it would since it was from the men’s section at Old Navy.

As I drove home, my mind whirled with the never ending thought that I should have done more that simply handed my coat to him out my passenger side window. I should have, despite the rain parked my car, walked over and offered to pray for him while giving him my jacket.

This was a man that was openly praising God with each gift he received from a kind stranger. First he was handed a juice box which he took a big swig from before looking up into the sky and praising God. Then some money from the car in front of me and than $3 dollars from my own pocket. Always thanking God first and than the person handing him the gifts followed by blessing them.I don’t know how many people actually heard the blessing seeing as they were exiting quickly onto a busy street but I did.

As I drove home I knew in my heart I had to give the man more. The twist in your gut that screams at you to do something until you do it. I like to think that’s God speaking to me. Although I fought it. I thought about the lecture I might get if I came home from work with no coat. So I called my mom who in her typical fashion gave me neither a yes or no answer but left the choice up to me. So i turned around, looped back through my work’s parking lot and handed the man my jacket.

It’s been 2 weeks and I have not seen the man since but that’s normal. My work place’s parking lot is full of other stores with lots of security which keep me safe but also the homeless away. When they do manage to secure a place near one of the exits of the lot they don’t last more than a day at the longest.

Still I think of him and the more that I could have, should have done. I think it’s healthy to reflect on how you could of done better, how you can improve yourself so your ready for when a similar situation happens again. And so, I will be ready.




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