He Did The Impossible

This Sunday was Palm Sunday. The day that Jesus road into Jerusalem on a donkey and was welcomed with open arms eager for His embrace.  I wonder what was going through His mind at that moment? Did He realize at the time that these would be the same people to crucify Him? And if He did, than was He dreading the next few days that were to come and ultimately lead to His death? Or was it as a sort of high for Him and did he revel in the love and idolization He was experiencing?  Or was He filled with excitement? Knowing that through all His pain and suffering His people would be saved.

Sometimes I wish we could have a personal account of what Jesus was put through. While it is a blessing to have the view point of those closest to Him, it would be truly amazing if we as followers of Christ where able to have a glance into His mind. Although He was the son of God He was also human. It even says in the Bible that He asked God to take the cup from His hand if it be His will.

He went away a second time and prayed, ‘My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.'” -Matthew 26:42

How terrified He must of been. Pain, no matter what it’s form is scary and not something most people look forward to.

Many people say they would die for they’re friends and family because it’s easy. These are the people you love and cherish. I would gladly take a bullet for those precious to me. But what about those that scorn you? Mock you? If asked if I would be willing to die for those that have tormented me through the Fat People Hate website I’m not sure I could.

Yet that’s what Jesus did. He died for the people that crucified Him, who spit and whipped Him and the amazing thing? He did it with a heart full of Love. That’s not something I think we as people are not capable of doing. Yet He did.

That thought alone is something that astonishes me every day. Jesus did the impossible. And God even more so. He sacrificed His son for those who hated Him. I don’t know any parent that would be able to do that. Not a single one. But God did.

Happy Easter,




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