A War Within Ourselves

I firmly believe that every generation has their own war to fight. my parents dealt with the conflict in Iraq. While my grandparents fought against Vietnam. It seems as if everyone have someone else to fight.

but my generation is different. We are not fighting others, we’re fighting ourselves. We fight addiction, mental illness, eating disorders, self-doubt, and self-hate everyday.

It’s not a battle fought in a wild jungle or a deserted desert. It is one fought within ourselves. A war that is raging within our minds and internal thoughts. Ones we fight late at night in the comfort in our beds. A space that should offer safety but echoes fear into our ears and finds it’s way into our hearts.

It is a war for self-love and acceptance that we individually must conquer alone. while past society screams to cover our bellies, shoulders, and stretch marks that show how we’ve grown. Hollering that we must be thin, white, and pure, but we are not. Who could possibly fit into such a narrow box.

We are messy. Not sure of our future but confident in the  hope that tomorrow brings. that is our strength. Hope for ourselves, the next generation, and change. Above all change.




About railynnt

This is my blog, a place where I can share my writing and journey through recovery, mental illness, and life.
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