I Was Only 7…

I was only 7 when the United States turned upside down. 15 years later and we’re still a little messed up…Or a lot depending on who you ask. I don’t remember much of that day except that I cam back from recess and something was not right.

At first my entire class was excited. The TV that was shared among the lower grade classrooms was sitting in front of the teacher’s desk and being only 7 my first conclusion was that my class was going to be watching a movie. But moments later it was filled with disappointment. For the TV was shut off and moved to the corner of the room as soon as it was realized that there were children present.

At the time it did not strike me as odd that there was 3 other teachers along with mine in the room or that they all had deep lines full of worry etched into their foreheads. It wasn’t until the following school day that I learned what happen and that when my belief that there was only good in the world was shattered.

The following school day my 2nd grade teacher held up the front page of our local newspaper and asked how many of us had heard about the people that had flown an airplane into a building. I of course had no idea and the thought that someone could do something like that shattered my entire world.

Not soon after my teacher began having us write letters to her every week. She would then return them with grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections along with a response. For weeks i talked about the planes full of people that flew into a building full of people. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and comprehend all the sorrow and how cruel people could be.

Because even at 7 I knew that what those people had done was cruel and so wrong that you can’t even begin to describe it. And that’s stayed with me for these past 15 years. 15 years of realizing that its not all good and love in the world. There are people that will hurt others.

That’s something even now I can’t understand.




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This is my blog, a place where I can share my writing and journey through recovery, mental illness, and life.
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