Grandma’s Month

It has begun

The month of history and memories

To celebrate a woman that will never meet my children

What a loss for them


My tears of sorrow and grief highlight my cheekbones

Covered by flushed cheeks

And I realize your voice is lost to me


Sometimes I close my eyes

And think I hear your whispers

But realize its simply a fragment of a dream I wish to be true


It scares me to think that with each

Year, month, day, and hour

More details of you fade

And I fear I won’t have any love to pass on

To those who were never gifted to know your smile


When I find myself to ill to move

I wish you were there to nurse me

To drive with me through life

With a calm low voice

Warning me of dangers

And patience that mirror only a saint


Although I do not want to join you

Sometimes I wish I could

To see your face and refresh my photographs of my memories

For the coolness of your skin on my lips

Is the last thing I recall

And the first I wish I could forget


The blur of life that continues

One you’re gone loses purpose in this month

But I press on out of dedication to you

And stubbornness to me


About Rachel Lynn

Writer | Sister | Recovery Warrior | Singer | Fat | Feminist | Christian | Hashimoto's | Life is not easy but I cope through poetry and writing. This is where I share it; my hopes, dreams, struggles, and triumphs.
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