Women are Trees

Women are beauty

With God made thighs carved out of boulders

Rivaling the strength of mountains

They carry us with a grace no man can compete


So why daughter do you hide them?

Decorating them ways that were never meant to be there

Learn from my mistakes and sprout wisdom from them


Why dear sister do you crave the toxic fear of living?

Of the thing critical to your survival?

I know the high of floating among the clouds is so enticing

But is it worth dying?


I know friend that the comfort is exhilarating

But at what cost?

The pain and guilt that shadows you afterwards

And the damning circle that continues to loop is nearly inescapable

Is the lullaby of temporary calmness worth the shame?


Too live this life is to endure an exhaustion that carries one to such a deep sleep

A coma that one  may never recover from


Do not precious loved ones mistreat your plant of life

With too little sun or too much water

Pamper it as the child it is

Recovery from the blazing heat of illness

And grow into the strong tree you are meant to be


About Rachel Lynn

Writer | Sister | Recovery Warrior | Singer | Fat | Feminist | Christian | Hashimoto's | Life is not easy but I cope through poetry and writing. This is where I share it; my hopes, dreams, struggles, and triumphs.
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