Fat People Have Talent

I was watching America’s Got Talent tonight, one of the many reality TV shows I am addicted to and as always there were amazing acts and some just as dumb ones that make you question why people would waste their time auditioning. About an hour into the two hours show a fat woman came on stage to audition. As a fellow fat woman I watched with a sense of nervousness for her. Would she be talented and applauded or be used as a poorly constructed joke to entertain dim witted viewers? I was pleasantly surprised. Her name is Christina Wells and she is an amazing, gifted singer but her story is heartbreaking and all too familiar to fat people.

When she was nineteen she was in a singing competition, made it to the finals only to be cut, confused as to why she asked for the reason. The answer? She was too big and wouldn’t fit into the outfits the people running the contest had already planned on the winner wearing.

From the reaction of the crowd you could tell that the majority of them were shocked by her story but this is reality for so many people. Fat people are told everyday that they are undesirable. That if they just had more willpower and strength they could be thin and would then be accepted by society but I’ve tried and it doesn’t work! For years 800 calories a day was my life and although my eating disorder brain always responds to that number with, “That’s so much! You should have calories left over and the end of the day! What are you doing wrong?” in reality that is less than a two year old is recommended to eat and a far cry from what a full grown adult needs.

The point is I’m glad that the show chose to show her story. They easily could have chosen another person to focus on and no one would of known any different because fat people are used to being ignored but they didn’t. The best part? She made is through with four yes’! I’m so excited to see her in the next round!

Here is her audition! Please check it out!


Also Mel B’s body glitter was the second best part of the show besides Christina’s audition! I love glitter!



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Writer | Sister | Recovery Warrior | Singer | Fat | Feminist | Christian | Hashimoto's | Life is not easy but I cope through poetry and writing. This is where I share it; my hopes, dreams, struggles, and triumphs.
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